• How to watch a movie for (*almost*) free

    After spending a lot of years in a place where I did not go for movies, I moved to Noida in 2019 and started going to movies again. Of course I blogged about it! Last week, I went for another one and this time the ticket - popcorn included :) was free. Here is how:

  • A story of my experiments with Credit Cards - Part 2

    Declaration: I am not an expert on the subject, just learning on the go. I wrote earlier on why everyone should have credit cards and the list of cards I have. I added a few more to the list:

  • 92K Savings with Credit cards over 14 months

    I have been advocating credit cards through my blog for a while and I write my experience with credit cards in my blogs. I tried to note down the money I saved using various cards since January 2021 and it comes to about 92K. Here is a summary of how.

  • 10 Years of NTPC

    Today marks my 10 years in NTPC Ltd.