How to watch a movie for (*almost*) free

After spending a lot of years in a place where I did not go for movies, I moved to Noida in 2019 and started going to movies again. Of course I blogged about it! Last week, I went for another one and this time the ticket - popcorn included :) was free. Here is how:


3 tickets 1050
Popcorn 430
Convenience fee (I hate this, more on that later) 156
Misc 3
Total 1633


Gift Voucher 1500
SBI debit card points 74
Cash 65

Gift vouchers are from HDFC Diners black credit card. When monthly spending is more than 80K, they give you 2 coupons of ₹500 each. I picked the voucher for BookmyShow for last 3 months - 500 X 3 = 1500. You get 2 coupons per month and you have to pick 2 separate ones from a list. My other 3 coupons were for Tata Cliq which can be used at Croma too.

SBI debit card reward points is something I started using recently. Just like Credit cards, Debit cards give reward points. You can check it from your net banking. I strongly recommend everyone checking your balance because there is a high chance of a huge accumulated amount. I will be happy to help.

To understand how I make maximum use of credit cards, read my earlier blog