• Pay Revision!

    Finally figured out what happened during the last pay revision!

  • DIY home garden waterering system.

    My wife & I grow a few potted plants in our balcony, which we call our private garden :) . We have an Arduino uno board lying around the house and we decided to brush up our engineering skills and to make a water pumping system for our garden.

  • Obsession with https

    I have been obsessed with https for a while. I love the green padlock more than the i in a circle. So, when I created my personal site, this blog, and a portfolio page, I wanted it to be served over https, rather than just http. Of course, I was not setting up a payment page or something that required the visitors to enter their bank or credit card details. But, still, the padlock gave a sense of security.

  • Butterfly in a powerplant

    A random click from NTPC Kudgi. Beauty of nature right in the middle of brute power