• Badminton

    I broke my badminton racket recently and decided to buy a new one. Did some research for the same and I thought i could share it. I have used the following badminton rackets:

  • Random thoughts on online privacy

    I have been searching for a few phones on the internet for last 2 days and now, every site i visit has an advertisement for one of the phones I was looking for.

  • How to change a Django Project name

    If you are reading this, then, most probably you are already working on your project in Django. Running the command django-admin startproject ProjectName easily starts the project for you. Nothing complicated here. Imagine you have already worked on your project for a while and you want to rename it.

  • How to invest 100 Rupees

    Lazy Sunday. I decided to drive to Bijapur, the nearest town to get some groceries. Luckily a friend of mine was already there and he promised to buy the few stuff I want. I saved almost Rupees 500 on petrol and toll(more about it later). Suddenly the idea strikes me, if I were to actually save amounts like this, which I would invest / deposit / save somewhere, over a period of time, lets say a year, would not it cumulate to a decent figure. Think of the last time you wanted a pint of beer and your fridge was empty. You were too lazy to go the store and guess what? you saved 80 rupees! What if this repeats 50 times in a year and you were to park that 80 rupees systematically every time? Something to think about.