The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck - *Mark Manson*

The title of the book is a bit misleading. The book is not about being careless, but rather caring more about less things that matters the most. It is not about being indifferent to everythig. The book tells you to select your priorities because you can be concerned about only a few things genuinely.


The book reminds that most of the perople in this world are mediocre and its not a bad thing. Only a few are special / gifted and its supposed to be that way. If everyone were special, then none of them would be special. People do fail in life. And it hurts too. The book reminds us that its not the end of everything. Its only a small piece of the large picture

Our values matter. The things we choose to give a fuck about is in fact derrived out of our values. We have a choice to select destructive or constructive values to give a fuck about. It is totally up to the individual.

The books mentions healthy and unhealthy relations. Being a good partner doesnt mean you need to solve each others problems. Its healthier to maintain boundaries and let the other person solve his / her own problems. Of course you can help.

The author hovers around a bit of philosophy, psychology, buddhist thoughts, death etc, etc. The entire work is presented in a humorous way and is an easy read.