Obsession with https

I have been obsessed with https for a while. I love the green padlock more than the i in a circle. So, when I created my personal site, this blog, and a portfolio page, I wanted it to be served over https, rather than just http. Of course, I was not setting up a payment page or something that required the visitors to enter their bank or credit card details. But, still, the padlock gave a sense of security.

A recent blog by Google expects all the traffic over the internet to be secured by default. I host my stuff on Github pages which did not support https on custom domains initially. Pages on *.github.io were supported . I used Cloudflare to get the green padlock on the visitor’s browsers. I still have no idea how the traffic from Github to cloudflare happens.

Github recently made it possible to deliver custom domains over https. You need to update your DNS and wait for it to propogate. Later enforce https in the repo settings. Detailed procedure is found here and here