1 year work anniversary

I completed a year in my current department yesterday.

Its been slightly more than 9 years with NTPC. I spent the first 8 years at construction site and the last 1 year was with Project Planning & Monitoring department at EOC Noida. Most part of the last year was eclipsed with COVID-19.

I have been contemplating about this for a while. These are my musings. It is not targeted at anyone. If someone feels that it is about them, I can assure you that I didnt intend to do so, but retrospection might be helpful to you and those around you

  1. Creating a new format to monitor something that is already being monitored in a different way will not give you any additional insights. If you couldnt fix a format to monitor work in the last 40 years, you are not going to do it anyway, anymore

  2. Working on holidays is not going to give you any additional output, unless your only purpose is to make life miserable for everyone. You donot have the moral right to forbid the employees from taking their off time. You do not have the moral right to deny spouses or children their right to be with their husband / father. If you are unable to enjoy those good times, its your burden to shoulder, not others.

  3. Bootlicking and cocksucking will save you only that much. One day its going to collapse, fall on you, and kill you.

  4. A bell curve distribution of performance rating will never help team work. When the environment puts the members of a team into buckets - performers, middle benchers , and the bottom lot - there is an incentive for everyone to withhold information, backstab, and take out every dirty tactic from the quiver.

  5. Your work is nothing more than a breadwinner. You shoud be sincere enough to justify your salary and that is enough. Else, your cholesterol levels will go up, your BP will go up. You will get dependend on alcohol, cigerettes, and medication. One day you will fall dead on the floor. The company will pay some compensation if your family is lucky, replace you and forget you. Its the family that ultimately suffers