What I talk about when I talk about Work

I have been working for 10 years and the most of it has been at NTPC Ltd. - for 97 months. I build Power Plants for a living and if I were to give a title to my job, it would be Project Manager

I graduated in Mechanical Engineering enjoying Thermodynamics and Fluids. Even at the first job, it was evident that the laws we learn from text books will just remain in the back of our mind, without actually using it, almost all the time. Someone who is a designer might say otherwise. But the shift from being an Engineer to Manager happened in the recent years, even though I cannot say exactly when.

At work, I initiate proposals, create purchase requests, follow up on those requests, process invoices, follow up for payments, create schedules and reports, resolve issues with suppliers, resolve labour issues, liaison with other departments / outside agencies, handle budgeting, sit in meetings and drink a lot of tea! I have forgot most of the engineering from college, but I will be able to help you on creating the billing break up or handle the GST.

Title inspired by 📚 What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

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