I broke my badminton racket recently and decided to buy a new one. Did some research for the same and I thought i could share it. I have used the following badminton rackets:

Racket Weight String Tension Remarks
Nanospeed 500 3U Stock Stock This is a heavy racket
Nanospeed 500 3U BG 66 Ultimax 22 lbs Loved these strings, Repulsion and sound
Nanospeed 500 3U BG 66 Ultimax 23 lbs  
Voltric Lite 4U Stock stock Head heavy racket
Voltric Lite 4U BG 66 Ultimax 23 lbs Felt the smashes were less powerful than my Nanospeed
Arcsaber 69 Lite 5U Stock stock Super light weight
Arcsaber 69 Lite 5U BG 66 Ultimax 22 lbs My favourite strings
Voltric 0.7 DG Slim 3U Aerosonic 25 lbs I love heavy rackets. The strings did not last though
Arcsaber 69 Lite 5U Li-Ning No7 25 lbs I am not sure if it is because of the strings or my training, I can drive well with this
Voltric 0.7 DG Slim 3U Li-Ning No7 25 lbs Racket setup feels better than before
Voltric 0.7 DG Slim 3U BG 65 25 lbs Back to Basic Strings

All Items are from Yonex except the latest strings from Li-ning. For those who are new to badminton, 3U is heavier than 5U.

For those who are trying to buy their first racket

  1. There is no point in buying an expensive racket for beginers. Trust me, you get excellent rackets for Rs 1000 or even below. Just avoid the ones with T-joints
  2. Yonex makes nice ones, so does Li-ning, Carlton, Ashaway, Apacs, Adidas, etc
  3. Dont care about strings at the beginning. Whatever came with the racket is good for starters. Change it in 6 months or when you break it or when you feel its too loose. Yonex BG65 is a great string and 22 lbs is a decent tension. Max tension will be printed on your racket. Beyond that, the racket would break . It would cost you about Rs 500.
  4. Mavis 10 is a good shuttle to start with. Go for M350 when your game improves

Update on 27/06/2019

Broke my Voltric. Guess it couldnt take 23 pounds.

Update on 23/07/2019

Have been playing with my Arcsaber for a while and I am absolutely in love with it.

Update on 29/07/2019

I broke my NS500 today, after using it for about 8 years

Update on 20/10/2019

New set of strings (BG66UM) on my arcsaber. Loved it!

Update on 27/10/2020

New addition - Voltric 0.7DG Slim. Yet to play with it, recovering from an ankle injury

Update - November 2020

I am in love with Voltric + Aerosonic Strings. People advise me to move to lighter racket, but i just love this one. Broke the strings in less than a month

Update - Jan 2021

Tried Li-Ning No7 Strings on both the rackets - V7DG & A69L. No7 is thicker than anything I have used before. Retains tension for longer period, but broke sooner than I expected. Defenitely heavy on the wrist Moved to BG65

Update - 28/03/2021

I broke my Arcsaber 69 lite today. Tbh, I should not have hit it on the floor. Totally my mistake.