Credit card alternative - for small needs

When my cousin’s attempt to get a credit card failed, we tried looking for alternatives and came across Bullet App

Bullet app is kind of a hybrid of a UPI app and a credit card. It helps you to pay any merchant with UPI by scanning the QR code. But unlike conventional apps like PhonePe or Gpay, the money is not instantly deducted from your bank accout. In fact, you dont have to link a bank account at all. The app pays the money to the merchant, upto 10,000 cumulative. You can settle the amount every 15 days.


  • No need to have a bank balance to make a purchase
  • Works at places where credit card usually dont work - a cigerette shop, the roadside vegetable vendor
  • keeps your bank statement uncluttered

What I dont like

  • You can pay only if there is a QR code to scan, not with a phone number
  • Repayment option is UPI only. Would have been great to have an option to pay by credit card
  • This is probably a bug in the app - it asks for authentication twice
  • The default limit is 10,000. higher limit would have been awesome