• VBA for Excel to download list of files

    I got this huge excel file with details of almost 1500 drawings - drawing number, drawing title and the link to download the file. The challange was to download all files, rename it and categorize them. Here is the VBA:

  • Digital transformation of office - Change management

    One of the interesting question I came across recently in a survey was “Considering the age profile of executives where a 50% of executives are above 44, will full digital transformation have hurdles?” The survey was on Digital transformation of workplace. It makes me wonder, is it really difficult for enterprises with median age of employees in 40+ zone to undergo a digital transformation?

  • GST, Coal & Power Tariff

    The much awaited GST was implemented by the government recently and there were articles in all major news papers. The article that caught my attention was regarding lowering of tax on coal from 11.69% to 5% which is supposed to lower the cost of electricity in the country where 60% power generation is using coal.