• Irreversible Life

    4th Jan 2020

  • What I talk about when I talk about Work

    I have been working for 10 years and the most of it has been at NTPC Ltd. - for 97 months. I build Power Plants for a living and if I were to give a title to my job, it would be Project Manager

  • Why version controlling is critical for Word documents

    For those who are new to the concept, version controlling is an efficient method of maintaining multiple versions of the same file. This is more significant when a team is working on the same file. Git is a common tool used for version controlling and Github is an easy to use free web service.

  • Why data analytics, business analytics and IT are very different jobs

    IT department is a confusing affair (where I work). What exactly do they do?

    • Procure servers, computers, laptops, printers, toners, peripherals, networking equipment – NO – that is purchase department. IT may be giving the specs
    • Maintain and offer tech support for PCs printers – YES – one of their jobs
    • Maintain networks – YES – they do that too
    • Develop and maintain beautiful websites – YES, definitely yes
    • Develop and maintain applications for web and mobile - YES, that who we generally call as software engineers
    • Maintain our SAP, email, data centers, databases, communications etc – YES
    • Procuring software – that is a confusing affair
    • Data analytics and BI – NO – definitely no