• Optimism in these Covid times

    The first thing I do when i get up these days is to check the COVID vaccination count. In a country of 136 Crore people, where 90 crore are above the age of 18 years, 2 shots per person would require 180 crore shots. As I write this, 26 crore shots have been delivered. I do a quick math. There used to be a time when we were delivering 25 lakh jabs per day and it would need 720 days at that rate to vaccinate all adults. Assuming that the vaccine will give immunity for a period of 1 year, wont it require the entire first year bach of people to be vaccinated again? I dont know. Maybe COVID vaccine will become a thing that we have to do every year. The rates dropped to about 10 lakh vaccines per day which really depressed me. These days, we are doing about 36 lakh per day. Considering the elapsed time, dont we need atleast 60 lakh vaccines per day to vaccinate everyone within a year? Maybe we will reach there

  • Credit card alternative - for small needs

    When my cousin’s attempt to get a credit card failed, we tried looking for alternatives and came across Bullet App

  • Further experiments with Credit cards

    My cousin recently returned from a foreign country. He has never held a credit card and decided to get one. Due to the ongoing pandemic, he wanted to try something absolutely online without any paperwork. Based on my previous post, I recommended OneCard. And the story begins.

  • A story of my experiments with Credit Cards

    Declaration: I am not an expert on the subject, just learning on the go.